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The Reason We’re All So Distracted? Mind Wandering

We all hear a lot of talk these days about distraction: smart phones, email, social media, and TV. And it’s true, these technologies can make it hard to focus and to be present.   But there’s an even more powerful form of distraction – one that we often overlook. It doesn’t come from technology or … Read More

Cleaning Now: How Dirty Dishes Can Help You Arrive at a Clear Mind

Cleaning – let’s face it. This is something that most of us dread doing. Whether it’s doing the dishes, washing the car, sweeping the floor, or making the bed – we all spend a good chunk of our day doing it.   So how can you take away the stress of cleaning? Here’s one strategy. … Read More

Mindful Distraction: Turn Facebook, Email and Other Digital Distractions Into Moments of Mindfulness

Today I want to let you in on a little secret. Even though I spend just about all day, every day, writing and talking about being less distracted and more present, I still distract myself all the time. I’ve got a few favorites.   I occasionally surf my Facebook newsfeed. I check out a bunch … Read More