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Distraction in the workplace costs employers $650 billion every year, and productivity wanes as employees work over 60 hours per week. The professional services business model feeds into this problem by rewarding long hours. The result? Attorneys and consultants are more burned out than ever before. They are suffering personally, and businesses are paying the price.

  • $9.1 billion: Cost of turnover in legal industry1
  • 75%: Lawyers who leave their firms in less than 5 years2
  • 3x annual salary: Cost of replacing one attorney3
  • 20%: Consultant turnover annually due to burnout4

By the numbers

Specialized XT practices that promote satisfaction, reduce distraction, and increase productivity

  • Integrated Mindfulness - Integrated practices that professionals can use in the midst of their day-to-day tasks to remain present, focused, and calm in the face of challenging situations
  • Inquiry Training - Specialized training for professional service employees in building resilience through shifting the mental and emotional thought patterns that create stress.
  • Energy Management - Practices designed to help busy professionals maximize their physical, mental, and emotional throughout the day.
  • Company-Wide Habits - Culture-building habits that bring the practice of wellbeing into meetings and email norms.
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