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Mission Health Combats Burnout with Life Cross Training Human Performance Program

Feb 15, 2017

According to a 2016 Advisory Board report, more than 50 percent of all physicians report symptoms of burnout, and an equal 50 percent of nurses report feeling emotionally exhausted. North Carolina-based health system Mission Health is invested in combatting team burnout, and it's paying off: After implementing the science- and evidence-based human performance program Life Cross Training (LIFE XT), participants' resilience, performance, life satisfaction and overall wellbeing have increased signi ... Read More

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Corporate Wellness Program

Feb 8, 2017

Best-selling author and LIFE Cross Training cofounder Nate Klemp offers his top tips on setting up a corporate wellness program that really works. ... Read More

How to Notice, Shift, and Rewire Your Brain

Dec 12, 2016
From mindful

A simple mindfulness strategy for mastering the habit of becoming more present to each moment and, as a result, experiencing greater focus, productivity, and life satisfaction. ... Read More

Firm rolls out wellness coaching and ’emotional fitness’ classes for employees

Nov 1, 2016

Lawyers who seek to enhance their “emotional fitness” now can enroll in the Life XT program, a series of live classes and online videos designed to promote resiliency against stress and increase productivity.

Life XT is based on the book Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing, which bills itself as a cross-training program for happiness and health. Life XT was developed in conjunction with health care researchers and neuroscientists with the goal to enhance lawyers’ ability to cop ... Read More

3 Ways to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Oct 29, 2016

Trying to get all your work done before you leave the office can be difficult, especially as your things to do list grows longer and longer. Priti Patel, chief practice officer at LIFE XT, gives us a few tips on how to be more productive at work while also minimizing stress. ... Read More

Me, My Shelf and I: Eric Langshur

Jul 15, 2016

When entrepreneur and investor Eric Langshur decided to write a book about well-being, he wasn't interested in publishing something thinly researched or narrowly focused.

"There are so many self-help programs, so many things you can read," says the founder of Abundant Venture Partners. "We wanted to synthesize a body of ancient, spiritual, and philosophical wisdom and create one efficient, science-backed framework for well-being." The book, "Start Here," co-written with former philosophy pro ... Read More

Start Here Hits The New York Times Bestseller list

May 22, 2016

A version of this list appears in the May 22, 2016 issue of The New York Times Book Review. Rankings reflect sales for the week ending May 7, 2016. Lists are published early online. ... Read More

3 Ways To Bring Compassion Into The Workplace

May 16, 2016

Here’s a business paradox: Kindness breeds organizational success. It’s a paradox because when we think about how to optimize creativity, productivity, and other metrics of high performing organizations, compassion rarely enters the conversation. We talk instead about more tangible metrics: things like increasing efficiency, billable hours, sales numbers, and other more quantifiable measures. ... Read More

How To Fit Meditation Into Your Morning Routine — No Matter What

May 8, 2016

By now, you’ve probably heard: Meditation holds amazing benefits. If it were a pill, it would be a miracle drug. It improves focus, productivity, and overall well-being. It reduces stress, anxiety, and mind-wandering.

So why isn’t everyone doing it? The short answer: time. Unlike drinking a Red Bull or popping a supplement, we’ve been taught that meditation requires that we take time out of our day. You have to stop what you're doing, find a comfortable seat in a quiet location, and spend any ... Read More

Top Law Firm’s Lawyers to Get ‘Emotional Fitness’ Training

May 3, 2016

“Wow, this is so not Kirkland.”

That was the initial reaction to a yoga and meditation pilot program when it was first offered to lawyers at international law firm Kirkland & Ellis, according to a top partner Linda K. Myers. The debt-finance attorney tells Crain’s Chicago Business that lawyers at the firm quickly became a believer in the “wellness” gospel preached by a Chicago entrepreneur named Eric Langshur ... Read More