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In this program:

  • What will I learn? You choose - you can either learn 3 more LIFE XT practices or simply dive deeper into the habits you’ve already learned in the program.
  • Who’s my coach? You can elect your previous LIFE XT coach or be assigned a new one.
  • How long is the program? You’ll get three 50-minute coaching sessions that will take place over a 9-week period.
  • When does it start? The week of January 16th, just in time to align perfectly with goal setting for the new year!

The total cost of the program is $500. To expense half the cost, you must have at least $250 remaining in your FY17 Well-being Subsidy. When expensing the program under the Well-being Subsidy, please categorize the item as "Meditation." Details on the Well-being Subsidy Program can be found here.

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Hurry, this offer ends on December 31st, 2016.
The first 20 participants who register will receive a special LIFE XT gift to enrich their continued journey in the program!

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